The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

22 October, 2010

I was very aware of the fact that I have not updated this blog for a while so decided I would include an article written by another person because I just don't feel like updating this myself! However I found a really nice and interesting article for you and here it goes:

Being a modern teenager going through an awkward stage of life is not easy. Not yet adults, but no longer children, they usually feel misunderstood, isolated, and are frustrated most of the time. Pleasing them seems like an impossibility. Whether it's what's for dinner or what to watch on television or curfew times, there is likely going to be resistance from the teen. If you are buying for a young woman or a young man, we have a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts that will leave them happy - at least for a little while.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Teens
  • MP3 Player - While the iPod Touch is at the top of most teen wish lists, there are many other great MP3 players available in all sorts of price ranges. If your teen listens to music, an MP3 player is going to be a hit.
  • Video Games - Whether it's a console - the XBox 360 or the Nintendo Wii - or a video game for the PS3, a video game is sure to make most teens happy.
  • Clothes - While girls like new clothes for Christmas, boys do too, especially the ones who like to look their best. An extra special high priced brand name clothing item might be the perfect gift for the teen in your life.
  • Gift Card - Some would consider this tacky, but for many teens it is the perfect gift that lets them get what they want. Whether it's a restaurant gift card they can use with their friends or a gift card for a department store, teens like to spend money.
  • Tickets - If you know the teen's favorite band, you can try to get them tickets to the next show in your area. Or, if they are a sports fan, a good pair of tickets might be the perfect Christmas gift this year.
  • Laptop / Netbook - This is a high priced item, but if the teen is your own and you want to help them in school, a laptop or netbook might be the gift they use all year long.
  • New Phone - Most teens love their phone and getting a brand new one with lots of new features will likely make them leap in joy - on the inside anyway.
  • Digital Camera - There are digital cameras in all price ranges these days. Most teens like to take pictures when they're out with their friends. If you have the money, a low-end DSLR camera would make most teens ecstatic.
  • Music - In the past this would have meant CDs (and it still may depending on the teen), but it could also mean a gift card for Napster, iTunes, or another music store where they can download MP3 music files.
  • Puppy / Kitten / Hamster - Or some sort of pet. An animal isn't for every teen, but this unique gift is sure to be remembered. Just make sure the animal doesn't require a lot of work.
This list should give you a good idea of what Christmas gift is going to make the teens on your shopping list happy. Good luck and happy holiday shopping - the recession is over (spread the word that shopping online is back!)
K. Paul Mallasch is the publisher of Top Toys Blog and Kafka Electronics.
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10 More Christmas Gift Ideas

24 September, 2010

Here is the 2nd of these new posts and today I have 10 more excellent Christmas gift ideas - so without further ado - here are the 10 gifts.


1 - Ipod Touch

2 - Golf Clubs

3 - Calendars

4 - 3D TV's

5 - Sat Nav/GPS

6 - Giftcards

7- Treadmill

8 - Soccer Balls

9 - Basketball Hoops

10 - Books


New Set of Posts

23 September, 2010

I am going to start doing a new thing where I will post 10 excellent Christmas gift ideas each day and it should be finished by the end of the next few weeks!

The list is has some excellent ideas and nearly all them come from the hubs that I have mentioned many times before and there is links to them on the right hand side of the website!

            Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!


1 - Mobile Phones

2 - Kinect 

3 - Soccer Goals

4 - Chess Sets

5 - Electric Guitar

6 - The Amazon Kindle

7 - Lego

8 - Table Tennis Table

9 - Magazine Subscriptions

10 - Perfume

I hope you like todays top Christmas gift ideas!

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100 Excellent Christmas Gift Ideas

22 September, 2010

I have now finished my series called 100 Best Christmas Gift Ideas and hope you find it useful and enjoy it - however I am also thinking of making it into an ebook and providing it to subscribers - who join my mailing list!

This ebook will take a bit of work though so expect it to be ready within the next month and I write a post about it until then - in the mean time why not check out the hubs and share them AND this website with your friends!

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